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Anyone planing on going to their Texas gigs this December?

All Visible Things Dallas Report

My report can be found HERE of the live at Trees in Dallas. The show was the best I've been to yet and I tried mentioning everything I could possibly remember, so take a look if you're interested.

[REQ] Warehouse Live 11/2

HI! i was wondering if anyone knew if Warehouse Live would be selling the tickets the door. Thanks in advance!~

P.S. sorry if i'm breaking any rules! Mods feel free to remove my post if i am violating the rules..

Dallas Ticket for sale


The person who bought my tickets ended up buying two of them and I was wondering if anyone was interested in buying? I know its kind of late.. but better late than never. Cause of the lateness I'll be willing to sell it for just $20. <3 The only way I can think if getting it to you is if I send it to you through mail or at the actual concert.. and I plan on being there pretty early.

Dallas tickets question

Has anyone received their tickets yet?

I ordered mine way back on September 27, they claim they shipped them on the 29th, but I have not seen hide nor tail of them.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue

I KNOW I AM MOFOS. I'm pumped. We better put our best efforts into this, WE MUST SHOW DIR EN GREY WHAT WERE MADE OF. SO MOSH LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.

ALSO. This.

Gets me every time when he sings without a mic.

Update on Dallas Show

Dir en grey's management announced on Facebook that the Dallas show has been changed to "all ages." Although, tour listings are still showing it as 18+


Some of you will rejoice, and some of you will groan.

I groaned, but that's only 'cause the younger spectrum is really irritating at that sort of concert. The 14 year-olds of the annoying, weaboo sort.

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Need a ticket for the houston show?

Dir en grey, Houston HOB ticket $20! It's a steal!
I'll be able to give you the ticket @ the venue or we can exchange it tomorrow, beforehand.
Reply or email duskluna[@]gmail.com